Organisation: Lester Aldridge LLP (LA Law)

Standard: PCI DSS v4

Compliance Status: Compliant

Expiry Date: 18/12/2024


Lester Aldridge LLP services the collection of monies owing and arising from legal action/claims for non-payment on behalf of a key motor insurance industry client. These payments are taken over the telephone and processed via a third-party payment processor by members of the Debt Recovery or Finance teams. Cardholder data (CHD) is entered directly into a virtual terminal and, other than the initial keystrokes on in-scope machines, no CHD is stored or processed within the Lester Aldridge cardholder data environment (CDE).

More information regarding URM's PCI DSS Auditing Services

Disclaimer: URM Consulting Services Ltd. has undertaken an audit of Lester Aldridge LLP (LA Law) to obtain evidence of compliance. Based on evidence reviewed by URM, Lester Aldridge LLP (LA Law) has been found to be compliant with PCI DSS v4. This activity is a 'snapshot in time' and requires that Lester Aldridge LLP (LA Law) maintain the controls that were reviewed during the audit. Please contact Lester Aldridge LLP (LA Law) if you have questions about their products, services or customer support.